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Trusted and Proven for over 20 Years

We are an original equipment manufacturer of centrifugal brake lining also known as "Lion's Paw"®.

We carry inventory of the most popular size of the industry 3/8 x 9 x 28 1/4"  and rolls are also available.


Lion's Paw ® belting after treatment before being cut to specified sizes.

Inventory ready for shipment after being cut to size


Centrifugal brake lining was first used in commerce in 1918. It was treated with mineral oil and/or kerosene. LION'S PAW ® was first made in the 1940s by a company called BUCKNER PROCESS that was located in Worcester, Massachusetts. In the 1960s Buckner Process moved to Middletown, CT and in 1965 trademarked their product, LION PAW. In 1970 Buckner Process was bought out by Stanley Friction, thus becoming Stanley Friction/Buckner Process. In 1985 I went to work for Stanley Friction/Buckner Process and became Plant Manager in 1987. In January of 1991 Stanley Friction/Buckner Process went out of business, and in March of 1991 I started my business as Superior Belting and Adhesives LLC making LION'S PAW ® for the sugar industry and have done so ever since. Superior Belting and Adhesives now owns the trademark to Lion's Paw ®. We are located in Rockfall, CT and our product is still all made in the U.S.A. as it always was. Don't be fooled by inferior imitations.

We also have "Superior Adhesive"

 After 3 years of research and independent testing, we have come up with a 2 part cold bond especially formulated for use with Lion's Paw ® brake lining.  It is equivalent, if not superior, to any 2 part cold bond on the market today, and made in the USA. We are more than competitive in price as well.  Please contact us for more information or pricing